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Rail Scrap Metal

Imported Steel scrap:

Mohit Minerals through bits subsidiary unit M/S MAHAKALESHWAR MINES & METAL (P) Ltd has entered into contract with the Government of Cameroon for the railway scrap.

  • The quantity of scrap is 2.5 Million Ton & market rate is almost $1Billion.

Specialization of scrap:

 Physical Composition :- It consists of a mix of mill scrap (stamping, cutting, bars, etcetera), Industrial scrap (nuts, bolts, miscellaneous pieces, etcetera), auto and truck frames & bodies, railroad scrap (wheels, axles, parts of locomotives and carriages, etcetera) ship scrap (fitting, plate piece, parts) Construction Scrap (plate, bars, angles pieces, rods, steels pipe, etcetera) & miscellaneous commercial scrap ( appliance casting, frames & part, etcetera).

  • The non –metal impurities total 5% or less.
  • There is no radiation.
  •  Suitable  for re-rolling into bar shapes.
  • The grading of scrap consist of R-50 & R-65.

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